What to do in Ilha Grande?


There are plenty of activities to do, depending on your tastes. It should be borne in mind that on the island there is no other transportation than boats or bicycles. So you have to walk a lot if you know enough.

Some places that we recommend in addition to the beaches You can see in the post of beaches in Ilha Grande are the following:

1.Parrot Peak

With 982 meters high is the second highest point Ilha Grande, You can get a view of almost 300 °, virtually the entire island, and if the day permits can come to appreciate the Gavea Stone to Rio de Janeiro.
You get there via a walk, mostly known as tilha, It is not an easy path, The mato is closed and you must do so with an experienced guide. If you will be encouraged to make, You should bring plenty of water, comfortable clothes, it is advisable to leave at dawn, to appreciate the sunrise, and go with resting time to go, There's no phone signal, so it is very important to always be accompanied.

2.Cave Acaiá

Approximately 8 meters under sea level there is a chink of coastal stone where water has access to an underground hall. Inside you can see a fantastic effect, a kind of efflorescence, a turquoise colored glow, el acceso es por tierra y se hace mediante una escalera en un pasaje estrecho y difícil de unos 10 meters.
It is important to go with someone experienced, and prepared for it.

3.Buceo - Diving

Ilha Grande is one of the quintessential dive spots in Brazil, If you like this practice you can not stop living experience. pleasant temperatures, crystalline waters, and intense maritime life.
Professionals have you can advise arriving on the island.


4. Cascada da Feiticeira

One of the most fun rides on the island, It is exciting to walk the trails in search of the waterfall, go through the jungle landscape, go find ruins, bridges, intentar escuchar el sonido del agua lejano e ir acercándose de a poco. Todo acompañado de sonidos de la selva como pájaros y monos, a challenging experience. Upon arrival you will find a waterfall with 15 meter fall, with a residue that makes a natural pool is formed, where you prune rest easy travel the entire route. Stones and lots of green a relaxing place in every sense.
If you want to not do all the same route for return, what the majority is back a couple of meters to take a path that goes to the Playa Witch and from there depart boat taxi back to Abraão .

5.blue Lagoon

Located between two islets, with a lovely color and an area full of fish, It is impossible not to be charmed with this place! Podes reach it through a boat ride or by boat escuna, They stop there a good time for you to swim in crystal blue waters completely, look at a lot of colorful fishes and even prune feed them, surround yourself with them and have a wonderful photo. Do not prune stop snorkel there, Most tours include service, and underwater experience not ever forget!

6.green lagoon

With calm waters, it seems that this corner of the area, it was a pool! exist corals green esmeralda, y una vida marina espectacular que se puede observar a simple vista gracias a lo tranquila y transparente que es el agua. Here also to reach can only be done by boat, It has the same mode as the Blue Lagoon, They stop there for a long time and most boats offer you to enjoy snorkeling underwater.