HOW TO MOVE Ilha Grande?


A good option to know if you have little time on the island, are the escuna rides, ships with capacity between 15 Y 40 people. You have rides to different places, paradisiacal islands, bag your, aventureiro and beach. Podes buy them at any time of day, in the center of Abraão there are many tourist shops that offer different walks.

Another way within the walks at sea, It is taking a boat ride, They are smaller and can go further, It is the famous ride of the whole trip around the island on the day. It is a highly recommended tour, in a few hours, You know a lot of beaches, and you turn the island, entering aware of the dimension thereof, seeing incredible scenery, enjoying the varied marine fauna that exists there, really it is amazed meter by meter.


A more adventurous alternative is hiking or circuits there around the whole island, but as conocidas trails. There are around to 16 Trilhas along the entire island, a simpler more complex, some can make them alone, others must transit them with a local guide. mild or gentle walks through streets without cars, trails in the jungle or coasting the sea. A good choice is always to walk and return by boat.
Some of the most recommended are:
Track Playa lopez mendes
Witch trail Waterfall
Track Playa Two Rivers
Circuit Villa Abraham
Lazaretto circuit
You can too rent a bike and move around the Villa de Abraão, although everything is very close to the lodgings, and you can do everything walking. Some of the bike trilhas can perform but that implies a good physical condition and prepare for it, It is not an easy task!
The easiest way to move from here to there, It is by the Taxi boat, They are all over the island,even when you make a trek hours to a beach and do not want to go back out there to the villa, You'll have these boat cab, unless very specific beaches, which are in contact with the open sea and these boats do not come. It is good that you obtain advice before embarking on a hike.
It is very convenient to move you from nearby beaches, beaches circuit of the villa.