Known for most tourists “Brazilian Caribbean”, a you must not miss!
Surrounded by beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, crystalline white sand characterized by not having temperatures, they are cold, that's what is striking about this place.

These are some of the beaches you should not miss:

1.Playa do Forno

It is a small beach, located in a bay, to reach it, you can do at the boat ride that stops at most it, boat taxi or walking along a path through a nose a couple of minutes, It is a very nice experience, since from the nose you have a full view of the beach, a perfect place to take the best pictures!
It is one of the best beaches of Arraial with its water temperature.


2. Prainhas the Watchtower Pontal

It is a remote beach, You can reach it by boat tour, boat taxi or walking, but it's a path that takes a long time to do it, and it is not advisable.
What characterizes this beautiful beach, It is a grand staircase in the middle of the nose, a postcard true. If you arrive from the top of nose, It is impossible not to be paralyzed for a few minutes at the beginning of the ladder, appreciating the landscape surrounding the site. The water color depends heavily on the state of the climate, going from green to blue tones, radically changing the landscape.



3.Big beach

As the word, big beach, with 40km stretch of sand and waves moved because of the open sea, It is the favorite beach for surfers. It is the beginning of the beach that connects several towns in the region.
It is a very comfortable beach, since being so great, It is difficult for this people one attached to the other, as in some of the other beaches, which they are smaller and little stretch of sand.