BEACHES in Ilha Grande


A vast mountainous and jungle center, with 106 beaches spread over 130 kilometers of coastline, a paradise!! We'll give you an orientation of some of the beaches that you can meet.

Playa from Crena

It is a perfect beach to relax, take sun, and enjoy the evening watching one of the most beautiful sunsets sun island, as the sun goes down in front of her. The water is green, It is a particular color, It can be done near the rocks that are on one side of the beach snorkel and have a good time with the environment.

Adventurer Beach

According to many tourists it is one of the most beautiful beaches, with breathtaking scenery. Vila has a two fishermen, approximately 100 population, The way to access this beach is via a boat ride. Here is the most famous coconut tree across the island, by its bent shape, where everyone who visits can not not take a picture to remember.
There are two viewpoints, one on each side of the beach, you should make a path and get memories of incredible views.
It's a very simple place, which it is controlled the amount of people who come there daily, and no telephone signal.

Playa Caxadaço

With scarcely 15 meters of sand, a lovely beach, hidden in the jungle kills, a place where you can see dozens of turtles, swim in the calm waters, or jumping off the rocks that are on one end of the beach. The most common way to get there is by boat rides including this stop, the través the trails, jungle paths kills, in the case of this path, it should be done with a guide, that is not the easiest, nor the safest.

Playa Lopes Mendes

The most famous beach on the island and most visited by tourists, with turquoise, surfing waves and sand extending approximately 3km.
You can get there by boats leaving the dock on the island, or you can easily walk by the famous track, landscapes full of film, through other beaches along the way. experience recommended 100%.

Playa Parnaioca

One of the most desolate island beaches, on your right side you prune snorkel near the rocks, marine life there is wonderful, You can see you from the famous blowfish to sea cobras. On that side of the beach flows a river, making this beach very special. It is a place to connect with nature. You get there by boat ride or performing a trilha, but it is very long and unsafe if not prepared.

Playa Two Rivers

This is a beach with history, It was the place where maximum security prison in Rio de Janeiro was. After its closure in 1994 It was that he began to hear the name and become more known touristically. Today live approximately 150 people in a small town where a center of environmental study amount.
Are small ruins of old prison, surrounded by a vast sea and extensive sand to go.

Bag Heaven

Sky bag, green water and vegetation, totally calm. When the sea is calm often it is seen the reflection of the stars along the water, hence the name of this site.
There are some beaches, you can reach them by boat, places to eat with sea view, It is a mandatory stop.