Buzios It's a fantastic city, with a wide range of leisure and, Of course, 23 Beaches precious with crystal water, One better than the other. Sure before choosing a hotel or inn you plantearás in which area is best done. In most beaches, we barracks as we call it here, where you can hire umbrella with beach chairs, lunch and watching the sea.


Geribá Beach is the favorite of lovers surf and young people in general. It is one of the largest beaches of sand, so you'll never be stuck to another on the beach. Tourists arriving from Rio de Janeiro to escape the crowds of the 'Cidade Maravilhosa' find their particular paradise here.
If you want atmosphere, party and fun, it is clear: Geribá is your perfect choice.


João Fernandes is a beach familiar, surrounded by an entire hotel infrastructure and restaurants of different types. Perfect if you're with kids, one of the beaches with waters more warm Of the peninsula, ideal for Diving or snorkeling, It is very close to the beaches Azeda, Sorrel and Bones.
From here out some boats and sea taxis that can take you on a tour through the rest of the beaches, or closer to the center.



These two beaches, Azeda and Azedinha have water turquoise, They are separated by a stone, and they are a bit smaller than the rest, They have a wilder look than others, to access them to do a very nice little road and down some stairs, perfect to take pictures with the huge groundswell. In either of these two beaches you can enjoy the best sunsets Of the peninsula, the sun beating down front, the sea and the immense sky.


Brava is known for the open sea and good waves, with blue waters, fine dark sand. Something that draws much attention from this beach, is that on the right side of it, the sand is pink, and reads, a very nice effect to appreciate.
This beach is located in one of the Beach Club's top city Silk Beach Club, daytime functions as a resto bar,with more than welcoming facilities, t hire you prune beds with sea view, and at night sometimes there is a party not worth missing, as you dance all night with the sea bottom and see the sunrise.


Turtle (turtle in Spanish) It is large and quiet. Perfect for practice stand up paddle or to see the sunset, a leisurely stroll, take a relaxing bath. On the left side of the beach usually many people, there are places to access an umbrella and beach chairs, Also places to eat. On the right side of the beach, usually more desert, there is so much sand and there are larger stones, so people tend not to go, but it is very nice to walk and enjoy the natural pools there and most do not get to go.


Ferradura Beach is another perfect choice for families. The water is calm, no waves, being the open sea away, it seems as if a gap. It is spacious and comfortable and the view is very beautiful.
It provides guaranteed fun, banana-boat rides, kayak and boat, plus there schoolhouses sailing, also rent equipment. To relax, in between massage stones.


La playa muy Bones is about Azeda and Azedinha, John Fernandes, and central beach Armação. Perfect for a break. Very small but extremely cozy. Ideal for sunbathing, listening to the sea breeze.


Ferradurinha this al side of Geribá. The favorite beach for those who live on the peninsula. turquoise waters, rocks, verde, everything a beach needs. It is very cozy and lovely visual. If the sea is calm it is perfect for city ​​up, or snorkel and swim between turtles. The only drawback is that it is a very small beach, and in high season there are often too many people and not usually enjoyed the sand as at other times of year.


Praia Rasa, en Búzios. Foto: André Sá

Rasa rasa but really ... flat open sea. Not be trusted with the sea. It is ideal for a leisurely stroll and sunbathe, is very relaxing, but locals do not usually swim as the water is not as clear and beautiful as the rest of the beaches, It is a very desolate beach is not recommended to go alone, since it is far from the center and not very tourist area.